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The grand hall at power & light

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about planning an event at The Grand Hall

Are there taxes and service fees on pricing?

Yes, taxes will be added to your venue rental fee. A 20% service fee is also added to your venue rental. Please see the pricing list for more details.

What is the maximum amount of guests that The Grand Hall can accommodate?

For standing room only in the ballroom, The Grand Hall can accommodate up to 500 comfortably. For a seated event, The Grand Hall can seat up to 350 guests comfortably in the ballroom. Additional seating is also available on the Mezzanine. Depending on the layout needs, you can fit an additional 50-100 guests for dining.

Does The Grand Hall provide tables and chairs?

Yes, The Grand Hall provides tables, chairs and linens for all guest tables for every event. This is included in your venue rental.
In-house we have:
35 72” round tables (seats 10 comfortably)
20 6ft Banquet tables (seats 6 comfortably)
20 30” Cocktail tables
350 Custom Chivari Chairs
Your choice of black, white or ivory floor-length linens (we provide linens for all in-house tables).

Do you provide table linens?

We provide floor-length black or ivory linens for every table that a person is sitting at – this excludes linens for extra tables such as gift table, cake table, buffets, DJ table, etc., but we are happy to add additional linen on to your order per your request. Also, a floor-length black or ivory linen is provided for one cocktail table for every 25 guests. These items are included in the venue pricing. No additional fees will be charged, unless you request additional linens to be ordered on your behalf.

Do you recommend hiring a Wedding Coordinator or does my Event Lead cover this need?

The Grand Hall does require every Wedding to hire a Wedding Coordinator. Not hiring a Coordinator will result in an additional fee. Please see our Event Lead vs. Wedding Coordinator form for more information. The Grand Hall would love to make a personalized recommendation for you, please ask your Event Lead for more information.

Where do you recommend parking?

Downtown Kansas City offers plenty of public parking options to accommodate all your needs. The Grand Hall at Power & Light has convenient streetcar access that you may recommend to guests if they prefer not to park Downtown. Please click here for a detailed listing of downtown parking.

Does The Grand Hall have a coat check?

Yes. The Grand Hall will staff this coat check for you. Please see the pricing list for more details.

Will there be security at my event? Can I bring my own?
Yes, we do require at least one KCPD off-duty officer at every event. The Grand Hall will book this officer on your behalf. This cost is included in your contract, please see the pricing list for more details. Outside security is not allowed.
How much is the deposit, when is it due, and is it refundable?

20% of the entire venue rental is due at time of booking. This deposit is non-refundable.

Can I rent the venue for longer than the five hours standard?
Venue rental includes 5 hours of event time. For Weddings, if you add a Ceremony to your Reception Rental, you will be given an additional hour of event time for a total of 6 hours. You may add on as many additional hours as you would like as long as the event ends no later than midnight. Please see the pricing list for more details.
Can we get ready at The Grand Hall?

The Grand Hall has two beautiful large suites perfect for getting ready! Venue rental includes 12:00pm access on the day of your event. Need some extra time? We offer early entry! Please see the pricing list for more details.

Can I have my wedding rehearsal at The Grand Hall?

Of course! A 1-hour wedding rehearsal may be scheduled prior to your wedding at no extra charge on a Weekday (Mon-Thurs) or a Sunday. Friday rehearsals are $250 and may be scheduled no sooner than 90 days prior to the wedding.

What is included in the wedding ceremony cost?

1 extra hour of event time is included in all ceremony packages. The theatre-style ceremony may be purchased for weddings of 250 guests or less. For this style of ceremony, the guest tables will be set up along the sides of the ballroom. Once the ceremony concludes, The Grand Hall staff will rearrange the room for the reception while your guests enjoy a cocktail hour on the 2nd floor Mezzanine.

The oscar-style ceremony is required for weddings of 250 guests or more. For this style of ceremony, guests will be seated at their tables. Any set up, break down or moving of tables will be done during the cocktail hour by The Grand Hall staff. Please see the pricing list for more details.

Do we have access to the rooftop and Beacon Lounge?

Yes! All of our couples are given a 30 minute photo session up on our 31st floor Beacon Lounge with rooftop access. You are welcome to do this photo session at any time during your event. We do limit the number of people who are able to go up to the rooftop to the couple, the photography team, the videography team and the Wedding Coordinator. Please ask your Event Lead for more details.

Can I use a caterer who is not on your preferred catering list?

Although we highly recommend using one of our preferred caterers, you are allowed to choose a company not on the list. This will incur a $1,000 outside catering fee. We’ve constructed our list with the best caterers here in Kansas City who exude professionalism and have proven to work well here at The Grand Hall. Any outside caterers are subjected to the same requirements as our preferred caterers and must schedule a meeting with The Grand Hall staff before being booked by the couple.

Do you have any other preferred vendors?

Of course! We have worked with many talented special event professionals, however, we offer more personalized recommendations, rather than just providing a list. Please ask us about any recommendations or special offers vendors would like to extend to our clients.

Can I bring in outside alcohol or alcohol related services?

All bar services are provided in-house. The Grand Hall has a bar manager on staff to provide you with customized packages. We offer competitive pricing, licensed and trained staff, and several drink options. We do not allow any outside alcohol to be brought into the venue at any time.

What time do my vendors and guests need to leave The Grand Hall after my event?

All vendors, guests and decor must be out of the building by 1 hour post event. If vendors, guests and/or decor is not out of the building by 1 hour post event, the client will be charged an overstay fee.

Are there stipulations on décor?

Yes. The Grand Hall at Power & Light is a historic building that has recently completed extensive renovation. We require your décor assist us to keep the building as is. All decorations must be placed and removed without leaving any damages. Candles must be dripless – if votive or pillar candles are used, we ask that there is a glass or other kind of non-flammable base for each candle. Restricted décor items include, but are not limited to: taper candles (without casings), bright colored rose petals, rice, bird seed, glitter, potpourri and other similar items. Any structure such as a chuppah, tent, canopy, installation, etc. must stand independent of the venue itself. The Grand Hall does not allow drilling, nailing or mounting of any kind. Please ask your Event Lead for more information.

Can we make a Grand Exit after our wedding reception?

Absolutely. Grand Exits with celebratory materials such as, but not limited to: sparklers, ribbon wands, bubbles, cheer poms, and tinsil poppers are allowed. Grand Exits may NOT include celebratory materials such as, but not limited to: confetti, rose petals, rice, bird seed, glitter, potpourri or other items of that nature. Please request a Grand Exit Policy from your Event Lead for more details.

What is the cancellation policy?

Should the client choose to cancel the event, any monies paid to The Grand Hall are non-refundable.

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